Back in August we reported that Federal Agents including the DEA raided a Richland medical clinic, for the 2nd time no doubt.

Now we know why. It was part of an ongoing investigation stemming as far back as 2016.  Richland Doctor Sami Anwar and his two companies, Mid-Columbia Research, and Zain Research, are facing a 47-count indictment over fraud. He's accused of obtaining over $274K in funding for non-existent opioid addiction research trials which never took place.

Officials say between July 2016 and January 2018, Zain and associates forged information, papers and other records to make it appear that a licensed physician had examined patients and determined they were ready and suitable for such a study.

A series of false documents and other fraud was committed to make it appear these 'test subjects' were receiving treatment, so Anwar could receive that Federal money.

And the Disctrict Court of Eastern Washington (Federal) is also accusing him of using fraud in an attempt to obtain GHB, often known as the 'date rape drug', for the purposes of a sleep deprivation study.  Some $175,000 has been seized from his bank account, believed to be part of the money from the fraud. He is facing, potentially, anywhere from 20 to 60 years in prison and massive fines as well.

Despite the issue facing the doctor, his medical center's website is still active, and the phone number still active for the clinic. However, there's no information listed in the 'doctors' section of the website, and a search for Dr. Anwar turned up an error on the site.

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