As he sat down for an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Obama had some "kind words" for his GOP challenger.

On Oct. 11, as Obama prepared for his talk with the magazine, a reporter from Playboy was on-scene at the White House covering the event. He said as Obama was speaking with Eric Bates of Rolling Stone the editor and gave Obama a message from his six-year-old son.  After telling the president, "You can do it," referring to the election,  Obama said "Kids have good instincts. They can look at the other guy and say 'That's a bull-sh***er, I can tell.'"

Many of us have probably uttered such phrases about others in our lives with whom we cross paths, but this is just the latest insult in a long series of statements from the man who was supposed to be the great "uniter." He would have us believe he looks out for all of us and stressed how he reached across the aisle in congress to work with Republicans.   If we had a nickel for every time Obama used the word "bipartisan" we'd be rich. That's why this is disturbing.

Whether it's suggesting white, middle class Americans "reach for God or their guns," or making a comparison between Hillary Clinton and Annie Oakley in 2008, or dissing American business with his "You didn't build that" comment, Obama's true lack of respect rears its head.

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