We don't begrudge people's right to take a vacation.  But again,  Obama shows us how to overdo it.

The First Family whizzed off to Oahu again this year, as he has done each of the holiday seasons since he was elected.    Unlike previous years when government budget and other issues delayed his departure,  Obama and family left "on-time" reports the Christian Science Monitor.

They hopped an overnight flight on Air Force one, after being whisked away in a motorcade.  Then another parade of vehicles took them to a beachside home in Kailua, along a five-mile stretch of beach.   And as he always does, Obama kicked off his vacation by getting in a round of golf.

And like previous Christmas vacations,  Obama plans no events or appearances during his stay.   Obama was quoted as saying:

"The end of the year is always a good time to reflect and see what can you do better next year, I'm sure that I will have even better ideas after a couple days of sleep and sun."

Obama had a security meeting over a growing, tense situation in Africa, but will only receive updates on the situation while in Hawaii.   According to the Monitor:


"Obama did spend part of Saturday morning conferring with top national security aides about the situation in South Sudan, where U.S. military aircraft evacuating Americans from the violence-plagued African nation came under gunfire and had to divert to Uganda. The White House said four U.S. troops were injured in that incident."

While millions of Americans are worrying about the possible cancellation notice of their insurance coming in the mail,  or how they are going to afford Christmas, or their employment situation in the coming year, nice to see the President getting his rest and relaxation.


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