To highlight President Obama's accomplishments during his first term, the presidential inauguration will include eight citizen "co-chairs."

These people will attend several events Saturday and ride with Obama in the inaugural parade Monday.

Chosen from a variety of walks-of-life, these people supposedly show how Americans benefited from Obama's first term in office.

According to Yahoo News they include:

  • A single mother whose son was able to attend college because of Pell Grants for low-income families that Obama increased funding for.
  • A General Motors autoworker who regained his job after Obama's 2nd bailout of the auto giant.
  • A man who was kicked out of Air Force for homosexual conduct in 2002, then joined the movement to end "Don't Ask-Don't Tell" that was repealed by Obama against the wishes of military personnel.
  • An Iowa businessman who started a green renewable energy business.

Yahoo News reported the administration's reasons for creating the co-chair positions:

Inauguration officials said the president has met most of the eight individuals during his first term and their inclusion in inaugural events is meant to showcase his administration's core values through real-life examples that people across the country can relate to.

Perhaps his co-chair citizens committee should also include people from the 77 percent of Americans who saw their taxes go up this January; some of the unemployed who have become so discouraged they stopped looking for work altogether; and maybe some of the hundreds of workers who just lost their jobs as companies begin cutbacks to deal with Obamacare.

Just a thought.