According to media sources in Hawaii, President Obama plans to hang loose for about 20 days, including the day when the U.S. will go "over the fiscal cliff" unless a budget and tax plan is reached.The Hawaii Reporter states residents on Oahu have been alerted that between December 17th and January 6th,  residents of the Kailua area will see familiar barricades, Secret Service workers and restrictions placed on where they can go.

The home they will be using, about 2 minutes from the Kaneohe Bay area and the Marine Corps base, is one of a number of luxury homes along the shoreline.  The Obama family presence will significantly restrict areas where other residents can paddle, surf and venture into the ocean.

Other residents are upset that the President's 22 vehicle entourage will (again) clog area streets, many of which are still only single lane.   The biggest complaint from numerous Hawaiians is the cost.  It's estimated due to Secret Service, security and other logistical money needed the Obama vacation will cost taxpayers and the state of Hawaii about 4 million dollars.   The White House claims the vacation costs are in line with others done by previous presidents.

However,  a quick search will confirm this,  Reagan, Bush, even Clinton, did not consistently jet off to Hawaii.  Bush usually just took off to his ranch in Crawford, Texas, while Reagan often returned to California-both considerably cheaper than Hawaii.

And the biggest issue-Obama has not met with Congressional or GOP leaders in 13 days, and there are only ten days left in this legislative session before the House and Senate break for winter.