Andrew Breitbart's "Obama Video" was unveiled Wednesday's evening on the Sean Hannity Show.

The editors who worked for Breitbart found the missing clips that were taken from the video and restored them.

Barack Obama participated in a Harvard protest in 1991 over controversial radical Professor Derek Bell, whom Breitbart called the Jeremiah Wright of Academia.

The full video shows Obama warmly embracing the professor and calling for the crowd to open their hearts and minds to the teachings of a professor who wrote that white Americans would sell black Americans to space aliens to pay off the national debt.

Now this was a futuristic science fiction piece, but Bell believes in and pushed radical ideas about racism. Bell even had run-ins with other black professors who said his views were too extreme.

The video reinforces the evidence that Obama embraces and welcomes the views of a radical extreme individual. Obama supporters admitted the video was kept hidden during the 2008 campaign, as perhaps even they felt it would have been very damaging to his election campaign.

Watch this report from Hannity to see the complete picture.