Even the Seattle Times noted,  the visit by the President was "purely political."

SHIFT WA, a conservative political watchdog group, has unearthed details how the City of Seattle has decided to stick taxpayers with the $40,000 overtime bill incurred by police, who provided security for President Obama's fund raising trip there in July.

SHIFT WA reported Tuesday:

"President Obama did not visit Seattle in July for any official events. He only attended fundraisers that were closed to the media and public in order to help bundlers raise money for the Democrat National Committee and for a Democratic Super PAC. Due to the security necessary to protect Obama, the visit included “a massive security presence from local law enforcement” as they were forced to shut down highways and roads while Obama was in town."

The visit was limited to those who could afford to 'pay their way in' as Democratic supporters.   SHIFT points out that if he had attended any public events, or was there to meet with officials for any publicly beneficial reason, then using taxpayer funding could be understood.

But it was a purely political fundraising event, closed to the public - and the Democratic National and State Committees felt the citizens of Seattle should pay for it.



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