Ah, priorities!

While Putin was redrawing boundaries and borders in Crimea, Ukraine and Russia, President Obama was chewing up the airtime on ESPN with his NCAA Basketball Bracket.

Seemingly taking longer than an ESPN "30 for 30" feature movie,  the sports network devoted several lengthy segments (some running as long as 10 minutes-an eternity for the fast moving network)  to the President's picks for March. And they repeated them the following morning.

Now, nobody is begrudging a famous person's right to participate in the Madness of March.  But given the state of world affairs, it's pretty sad that while history making events are unfolding, the supposed leader of the free world is worrying more about Kentucky, UCLA and Cal-Poly.

It's also interesting that the network still shills for a President with the lowest approval rating (38%) of any modern leader in decades.   Breitbart.com pointed out that more people have signed up for the ESPN bracket challenge (6.45 million) than have enrolled in Obamacare (5 million).

The amount of effort devloted to Obama's bracket simply reinforces the growing belief that not only does his foreign policy not work, but other world leaders don't take him seriously.  After enacting what experts say are the strongest economic sanctions against Russia since the Cold War,  many world leaders just shrugged, and several Russian officials openly mocked him.

Soviet Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin was one of 7 Russian officials who actually mocked Obama;   one of them said "I think the decree of the President of the United States was written by some joker."

Political experts say Obama's weak threats and "sanctions" will have little effect on Putin's recent and future actions in Russia and elsewhere in the world.


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