Another of Obama's intricately staged, insincere attempts to portray himself as being in touch with average Americans cost one businessman $25,000.

Obama's visit to the Iowa State Fair Monday necessitated the shutdown of the very popular Bud Tent, which is a central focal point at the fairgrounds. Mike Cunningham II, the third-generation owner of the decades-old tent, was pleased that the President was interested (or should we say was told by his aides he should appear to be interested?) in seeing this famous Iowa State Fair attraction.

But on the other hand, because of extreme Secret Service procedures, only a select few were allowed inside the facility. The few that were eager to meet the president were screened, allowed to enter and then the entrance was cordoned off by yellow barrier tape. Cunningham said the president's visit and shutdown occurred at the busiest time of the day - and a popular rock cover band was going to perform at the same time. Cunningham estimates his loss of business amounted to at least $25,000.

This event is very similar to the president's recent "chance" meeting with supporters in a Portland, Oregon, restaurant that turned out to be staged when the Obama campaign was found to have pre-written biographies on the three men Obama just happened to meet there.