Some follow up reporting by Oregon media outlets has shown a supposedly chance meeting between Obama and three veterans in Portland was staged by his campaign.

Gateway Pundit, by way of KING 5 TV, is reporting Obama stopped into the Gateway Breakfast House Tuesday on his way to the Portland Convention Center and just happened to find his way to a table where three veterans were sitting. This 'unscheduled' stop became rather suspect when the waitress who served Obama and the three men said they were not regulars. She said Obama made his way straight to where they were sitting, something you would not normally do if you were entering a place for the first time ever. The Obama campaign just happened to have bios on each of the three! The sheets contained complete background histories of the men, and why they agree with his agendas and programs.

One of the veterans just happens to be an Obama For America Volunteer! This incident, along with many others in Obama's political career, reminds us of a line uttered by the late, great Johnny Carson. Many years ago he was asked about the comedic talents of the much-sought-after actor Chevy Chase. Carson replied:

"He couldn't ad-lib a fart at a baked bean dinner!"