While some two million Americans have signed up for Obamacare programs through various state healthcare exchanges, twice as many have had policies cancelled!

According to official Health and Human Services (HHS) data obtained by the Associated Press (and reported by The Daily Caller on Thursday) some 4.7 million Americans have had their insurance terminated.  Why?

There is a clause that grandfathers in some insurance plans purchased before 2010, prior to Obamacare, but HHS estimates between 40 and 67 percent of Americans will eventually lose whatever previous health care plan they had!

Obama belatedly tried to add a one-year extension to ward off the cancellations, but many insurance companies, reading the writing on the wall, will not re-start plans they know will eventually become "illegal" under the Affordable Care Act.

The Daily Caller reports some of the requirements and policies contained in the bill:

"All plans must include maternity coverage, for example — including plans for men and post-menopausal women. Even customers without children must purchase plans that cover pediatric services..."
The administration is trying to push through a one-year "hardship" clause that would act in similar fashion as the extension, but insurance experts say this will only create confusion and instability in the insurance field, and increase the disruption for both consumers and providers.