Just about everyone who's been in the area for some time has hiked, or been to or through Zintel Canyon, which runs from South Kennewick, underneath 10th and North.

Now Kennewick officials are hoping to get input from the public about what could be done to enhance or improve the area, and possibly curb a growing trend of fires and other criminal incidents that occur in the area.  It's an often used recreational hiking area, the Spirit of America trail passes through.

October 24th, a public meeting will be held at 5:30 at the Kennewick Irrigation District building at 2015 South Ely Street. Anyone who is interested is welcome to attend and comment.  There will be information for homeowners bordering the area on how to protect their homes from future potential fires, as well as seeking citizens who wish to serve on committees or help with plans.

A series of suspicious fires starting in April and lingering through October and other incident has spurred officials to speed up timetables for plans.

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