Buy one of these? Don't use it. (
Buy one of these? Don't use it. (

A false-positive COVID test means you don't have the virus, but the test claims you DO...

Scratch at least 42K positive tests off the "list" nationwide after an Australian company has pulled hundreds of thousands of home COVID test kits off the market.

The voluntary recall is in conjunction (working with) the FDA after the company Ellume said about 42,000 persons who tested positive via their kits later turned out to NOT have the virus.

The company was selling kits through retailers, and many of them were distributed through the Department of Defense. This is the latest snafu with COVID testing and other programs and protocols under the Biden Administration.

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The kits were NOT tested-approved by the FDA, but were allowed to be used under the EUA, or Emergency Use Authorization from the government.

According to Federal sources, and other reports, 427,000 kits are being recalled. These kits were sold at Amazon, CVS (Rite Aid) and Target as well as other pharmacies.

If you happened to buy one, return it to the retailer where you purchased it.


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