May 13 , 2021 Via the Spokesman-Review Newspaper: 

“Anyone who is fully vaccinated can participate in indoor and outdoor activities, large or small, without wearing a mask and physically distancing,”--Dr. Rochelle Walensky,  director of the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

May 13, 2021, from the same Spokesman article via a press conference:

“Businesses will retain the right to require customers to wear masks, so they will be allowed to require customers and employees to wear masks, but there will not be a requirement if you are fully vaccinated in the state of Washington,” --Gov. Jay Inslee.

Now, the CDC has reversed course, again, and many blue-state officials are following like they're watching a Just Dance Video on YouTube. According to a plethora of news sources, the CDC, on July 27th, said vaccinated people should wear masks.

USA Today reported that fully vaccinated people wear masks indoors in areas that have allegedly high transmission rates. CDC officials blame rising rates on the new "Delta" variant of COVID-19, and they also blame slowing vaccination rates.

This is interesting because the American Lung Association reports that "regular" COVID tests cannot always detect this new variant.

So, if Delta is the cause, but the "regular" COVID test won't detect it, how do they know this? And, to make matters even more interesting, just a few weeks ago during a press conference the week of July 19, Gov. Inslee called unvaccinated persons "Trump voters" who are a "bioreactor facility" and accused them of spreading the virus throughout the state.

Between the insulting demanding language of both Gov. Inslee and Joe Biden, and this new conflicting mask news, it's no wonder the credibility of the CDC and other government officials has just about completely gone down the commode.

So, the CDC says even if you've been fully vaccinated, you should still wear a mask? Many people got the vaccine just so they could resume a normal life, and escape all the handcuffs imposed upon them by mask and other mandates.

They did it to be free from the discriminatory perks programs and benefits offered by some businesses, the state and Gov. Inslee; who basically was bribing people to get the shot.

And now, apparently, they infer the vaccine is not all it's touted to be? We were told if you get the COVID vaccine, life is good, life is normal. Apparently now that is not the case?

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We're trying to make sense of this. Give the CDC and others the benefit of the doubt. referring back to the beginning of this piece,  the quotes from CDC and Inslee, their own words.  Now they're walking it back? Again?

Even WA Congresswoman Kathy McMorris- Rodgers weighed in on this, saying in part:

"The CDC's updated guidance deeply undermines vaccine confidence. Mask mandates for more command and control will not build trust--only more resentment."

No wonder vaccination rates and public trust are waning fast, in the case of public trust, likely gone almost completely.

It's hard to trust someone when they cannot seem to make up their minds. When it comes to a person's health and personal medical choices, information like this only makes you tune them out even more.

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