Most of us thought 2020 was forgettable, for some scary, for others, stressful. Many of us felt like we aged 2-3 years in one.

But when 2021 came, we hoped and prayed as light began to show at the end of the COVID tunnel. But now it appears the vaccine is creating even more cultural insanity.

The Washington State Liquor Control board is allowing establishments to offer a free drink for having gotten a COVID-19 vaccine. For some businesses, it's free donuts or other 'prizes.'

According to the Liquor Control (and Cannabis) board, this temporary 'goodie' ends June 15th. It's all part of an ongoing effort, spearheaded by Gov. Inslee, to entice, cajole, browbeat or otherwise convince people to get a COVID vaccine.

It's a highly personal decision, and nobody should be criticized for getting one. It's your choice. And it's one to be taken seriously, especially for those with compromised health.  But it remains a personal choice.

This carnival atmosphere has me shaking my head. First of all, Inslee's "vaccination sections" are discriminatory.  Norton's Introduction to Sociology 2009 lists one of the forms of discrimination as:

It involves restricting members of one group from opportunities or privileges that are available to members of another group.

Regardless of which side of the vaccination issues you're on, a person's health is not a joke, and never will be. Again, get the vaccine if you wish,  if you don't want to, don't.  But it's your choice. 

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But apparently, this effort clearly shows the right of choice, especially for those who choose not to be vaccinated, is secondary to those who believe it's for the 'good of all mankind.'  Never mind if you've done your own research, you're not comfortable with getting one, or you're health is such that you've never even gotten a flu shot.

We have the freedom to make choices, and our own lives will be affected by these choices. Whatever happens, we have to own it.

But it's sad to see such childish, pressure mentality, even discriminatory tactics being used to convince people to do something that is a matter of personal choice.

And the whole time, many are celebrating or praising this bribery as noble, heroic, or for the 'good' of society.

The whole premise is surreal:  turn a thoughtful serious personal medical decision into a joke by offering booze, donuts, or more? What's next? The Red or Blue Pill?

I thought we were more grown-up than this...Apparently not.


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