Bend, OR officials continue to investigate, and a 31-year-old woman is in the Deschutes County jail after police discovered she'd left SEVEN children to go get bronzed.

According to, January Irene Livsey, who also goes by the name of January Neatherlin, was booked Wednesday on seven counts of child neglect, child endangerment, theft by deception and criminal mistreatment after Bend police detectives visited her home.

Acting on an apparent anonymous tip, police began surveillance of her Bend home, and noticed parents dropping off a total of four children, who were aged between 6 months and 4 years of age.

Then, two hours later, Livsey left the house without the children! Detectives tracked her to the tanning salon, and noticed she didn't have the kids. Back at the house, officials broke in, for fear of the welfare of the children. They were OK, but taken to a nearby hospital as a precaution. The children had been in the home alone for about an hour.

The reason for the theft by deception charge, say officials, is because the parents of the seven kids were paying her to watch their kids, and by not being there, she was technically stealing by not rendering child care services as promised-deception.

NOTHING was said in the news report, but we can't help but wonder why an anonymous tip was given to authorities, unless previous misbehavior had been occurring.



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