After falling about 24,000 signatures short in 2019,  Oregonians are again trying to get a measure on the ballot this fall to recall controversial Governor Kate Brown.

Brown took over from resigning Gov. John Kitzhaber after political scandal in 2015 (she was Secretary of the State of Oregon, their constitution mandates in such events the SOS takes the Gov. job). She was re-elected in 2018 due mainly to support from liberal voters on the west side, including the Portland metro area. Oregon is similar to WA in that the west side and Portland metro carry a lot of political weight and votes.

Lane County is where the petition has originated, the county includes Eugene and Cottage Grove.  GOP members there are seeking the 280,050 valid signatures to get it on the ballot. Despite COVID, they say the have a better, larger group of volunteers to help canvass and get signatures; more volunteers than in 2019.

From a series of controversial environmental (cap and trade) decisions, to the COVID situation, voters and residents are becoming unhappy with her "Inslee-like" performance as some critics put it.  Oregon experienced it's own ESD issues, with thousands of people having to wait weeks well beyond reasonable time to get their benefits when their businesses were closed due to COVID. Brown fired the ESD head, but many say that was a scapegoat.

The citizens will have until the end of August to get the required number of names.

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