Surgical mixups are not uncommon, they happen. But we've not heard of this.

A doctor in Bend, OR is being sued by a female patient after he allegedly took the 'wrong' ovary from her during a procedure, causing her to body to trigger early menopause.

Dr. James Carlson, who performed the surgery in October 2011, says he did not remove the wrong organ. Shelly Morton, age 40, filed the suit because she says Carlson was supposed to remove the right ovary because it contained a complex cyst. Often, in such cases, the 'damaged' organ is taken, but the other ovary still allows the woman to remain fertile and usually avoid menopausal symptoms.

However, according to Morton, Carlson took the 'good' ovary by mistake. She then had to see another doctor to remove the damaged one, leaving her without them, and the onset of early menopause. She is seeking a total of $850,000 in damages.

Carlson's attorney says he will prove in the trial his client did not make a mistake, and Morton is using her early menopausal symptoms as an excuse to blame the physician.