Courtesy of Laughing At Liberals on YouTube,    a cameraman asked some tough, pointed questions of Oregon's governor as he was leaving a recent press event May 23rd.

Kitzhaber is at the center of an FBI investigation into the complete failure of Oregon's Healthcare Exchange,  Cover Oregon.

The FBI has launched what is rapidly turning into a criminal investigation into why, after $240 million dollars,   the Oregon Healthcare Exchange website failed to produce a single healthcare policy enrollee.  Oregon has scrapped the website, and is now attempting to utilize the federal site.   Several media outlets are reporting so far the FBI investigation has revealed Cover Oregon was largely an unfinished website that wouldn't work, and was riddled with bugs and glitches.  They would have kept it from working, even if the site was completed as promised.

Kitzhaber is under fire not only for the failed website, but also because former Oregon Exchange director Bruce Goldberg is STILL on the state's payroll, even after he resigned.  He's pulling down $14,000 a month despite the failed project.

Watch as Oregon's governor strides away, along with EPA Director Gina McCarthy, ignoring tough questions being posed by a videographer from Laughing at Liberals.   A recent poll conducted among Oregon's registered voters showed over half felt Kitzhaber should not be re-elected due to the failure and waste of Cover Oregon.

Video courtesy of Laughing at Liberals.

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