Oregon fatal boating accident (UCSO)
Oregon fatal boating accident (UCSO)

The Umatilla County Sheriff's Office reports a man injured in a Friday boating accident died from his injuries.  It happened Friday, but information just now being released.

  The man slid underneath the boat and was struck by the propeller

The USCO reports that 41-year-old Benjamin Ryan Camden or Milton-Freewater was one of a number of persons who was tubing with friends on the McKay Reservoir, about six miles south of Pendleton.

According to the Sheriff's Department, Camden was attempting to get back into the boat when the transom ladder on the back of the boat broke. Apparently,  he couldn't pull himself up onto the boat so he decided to hold on to the starboard side railing. However, as the boat was slowing towards the ramp, he lost his grip, and he slid under the boat.

   The man sustained severe injuries to the left leg from propeller

Camden's left leg was significantly injured. He was taken by a private vehicle to the reservoir parking entrance where they were met by paramedics.

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He was rushed to St. Anthony's Hospital but unfortunately died from his injuries. The incident continues to be investigated.


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