They're not uncommon in Washington lakes and bodies of standing water, but you don't want to contact them.

They're blue-green algae blooms, or Cyranobacteria. Grant County Health District officials have posted new signs around Moses Lake, indicating their latest tests came back positive for the potentially deadly algae. Til further notice officials say don't boat, swim, fish, or otherwise recreate in the five major areas. Officials say it's likely the algae is present everywhere enough to warrant staying out of the lake entirely.

The blue-green algae can cause significant issues, especially in people who are not in good health. NOT all algae blooms are harmful, but the ones found in Moses Lake are likely to cause issues for people, animals and livestock.  According to the Health District, these are symptoms that could happen if someone is exposed significantly, or ingests water containing the algae:

"• Symptoms may take 30 minutes to 24 hours to appear, depending upon the size of the person or animal affected and the amount of toxic bloom consumed. Microcystin toxicosis may include jaundice, shock, abdominal pain/distention, weakness, nausea/vomiting, severe thirst, rapid/weak pulse and death."

Once weather conditions change, perhaps cooler, expect the lake to pretty much change completely, and the blooms will disappear along with their harmful effects.


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