Yet another aspect of the recreational marijuana issue that the ACLU didn't consider.

Now that the first of 24 licensed pot stores have opened (including Prosser and Spokane),   Oregon law enforcement agencies are bracing for a potential spike in pot-related arrests.  Critics say Washington and Colorado have created a possible new wrinkle for authorities in nearby states.

According to sources,  including our news partner KNDU-TV,   Oregonians are now just a short drive from buying recreational marijuana.     Law enforcement officials say there's nothing in place legally (yet) to prevent out of state consumers from coming to here to buy marijuana.

But they caution it IS illegal to buy weed, then transport back to Oregon, Idaho, or any other non-legal state.

However, Oregon officials caution that just because it's legal to buy in Washington,   there's no change in Oregon's laws concerning possession, consumption, and consequences of driving under the influence of pot.

Critics of legal marijuana say it will likely result in a spike in pot-related DUI cases and accidents - just like it has in Washington.   According to the most recent figures from the Washington State Traffic Safety Commission,   pot-related DUI arrests have jumped 33% since it was legalized.

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