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The Sheriff of Morrow County, OR made it clear this week where he stands on the controversial Ballot Measure 114, which likely violates the 2nd Amendment.

  New Morrow County Sheriff issues strong statement

John A. Bowles was recently sworn in as the new Sheriff in Morrow County (Boardman area) following the retirement of the previous leader.

Bowles was asked by a number of citizens where he stood on Ballot Measure 114. He said he did not support or campaign for it, and is an advocate for "peoples' rights, security, and livability."

BM114 places severe restrictions on the purchase, transportation, and use of firearms, including requiring citizens to get a permit from local law enforcement before buying a gun. Bowles believes it will be challenged by multiple entities, and it would create a new financial burden on law enforcement to enforce because it's an unfunded measure.

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Part of the law also pretty much completely prohibits the sale, purchase, possession, or use of ammunition magazines exceeding ten rounds. Bowles had this to say about that portion of the new measure:

"This portion of Measure 114 will not be an enforcement priority, and we will not be knocking on doors to see if law-abiding citizens have a magazine that can hold more than ten rounds." 

Measure 114 is considered perhaps the most restrictive gun rights 'ban' in the US from a state perspective, it was only passed because of support from Portland and other west-side metro areas. To read Sheriff Bowle's entire statement, click here.

Three other Sheriffs have said they will not enforce the measure, including Linn, Union, and Sherman Counties.

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