Oregon DMV and other officials, in their effort to practice 'social distancing,' say they will allow the expiration of certain licenses, permits and tabs if they occur after this COVID 'emergency' began.  Officials say thousands of people stream in and out of DMV offices daily across the state, which they say would only add to potential COVID exposure.

The statement Friday read in part:

"To reduce Oregonians’ need to visit a DMV office during the current public health emergency, the Oregon Department of Transportation’s Driver and Motor Vehicles Division has partnered with Oregon law enforcement agencies to exercise discretion in their enforcement of driver licenses, vehicle registrations and trip permits that expire during the COVID-19 emergency declared by Governor Brown.

The Oregon State Police, Oregon Association of Chiefs of Police, and Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association have all agreed to support this “grace period” for enforcing expired credentials.

While DMV offices remain open, this action is intended to protect the health and safety of people who would otherwise have to visit a DMV office to take care of business, but are concerned during the current public health emergency."

   The licenses specifically mentioned in the release included:

"Transactions falling within this request include the following that would expire during the COVID-19 emergency declared by Governor Brown on March 8, 2020:

* Driver license and identification cards
* Passenger vehicle registrations
* Commercial vehicle registrations
* Trip permits
* Disabled parking permits"

   Oregon officials stress they wish to prevent any potential exposure to citizens as well as DMV workers until the COVID situation stabilizes or lessens.

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