A suspect lead Kennewick police on a half-hearted chase late Wednesday night after he and his accomplice were spotted stealing a number of items from Walmart on 27th and Highway 395.

Officers got a call from loss-prevention officers after they observed the two suspects, a man and woman, concealing a number of items before walking out. The officers got a complete description of their vehicle and the direction they were headed. Within seconds a KPD patrol car was behind them

The driver, identified as 37-year-old Jacob Davin, initially refused to pull over and sped away. But as other units approached he stopped near 10th and Vancouver.

The stolen goods were in plain sight, and officers arrested Davin and 29-year-old Katie Sargent.

She was found to have an outstanding out-of-state arrest warrant and was taken into custody on that charge besides the theft.

Being a fugitive from justice brings additional charges when crossing state lines.

It also turns out Davin had suspended license. Officers did not say where the pair were from originally.

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