Partly due to the debacle around the Seahawks last Super Bowl in Arizona, Washington state legislators passed a law in 2015 outlawing the use of automated computerized ticket purchasing programs for any event in the state. These programs were used to gobble up huge batches of tickets by 2nd and 3rd party vendors, then resold for much higher prices. Legislators called it "computer scalping."

A number of Seahawk fans were victims of such 3rd party vendors, purchasing tickets for the 'Hawks-Pats game, then finding upon arrival in Phoenix their tickets were not available.

Known as 'bots', automated computer programs are used for everything from clogging your email box with spam, to sending a reminder that your car is due for an oil change at the dealership. They're also used to 'corner' the market when it comes to getting even tickets.

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced Thursday what is believed to be the first lawsuit involving a company being fined for using bots to sell tickets for a variety of events held in our state. It doesn't matter if the company is in or out of state, the law prohibits the use of any bot programs for an event being held within our state borders.

Find My Seats LLC and Box Office Pros LCC, from Massachusetts, are being fined $60K for using bots to purchase a variety of tickets for events ranging from Mariner games and other events at Safeco, to Century Link, to the Paramount Theater and numerous other events. They were then resold at prices ranging from $30 to $200 over the original price. They also have to cease and desist from any and all activities that violate the Washington Ticket Sellers Act, as it is known.

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