The Pac-12 has responded to football players who have threaten to opt-out of the season because of concerns related to health and safety, racial injustice and economic rights with a letter touting the conference's work in these areas and an invitation to meet later this week. A letter from  Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott was sent Monday to 12 football players leading the #WeAreUnited movement. The letter was obtained by The Associated Press and first reported by Sports Illustrated. The players say they have been communicating with more than 400 of their peers throughout the Pac-12.

Public reaction has largely been negative, especially from fans who say these athletes are having their education paid for and should not strike back against this opportunity. Fans are saying they're supposed to be college students first, athletes second, and some compare their behavior to the pros who are 'acting out' in attempts to hijack their sports into social justice platforms.

Still others say there are hundreds if not thousands of athletes who would gladly take their places, and be appreciative of the chance to play at this level.

And finally, social media is full of comments that these players should forfeit their scholarships because they're misusing them in ways they were never intended.

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