As summer rapidly approaches, millions of people will be looking to travel. Packing your belongings in your suitcase can be a stressful ordeal, what with making a packing list (and checking it twice) to make sure you don't forget anything essential.

A flight attendant recently shared some tips for passengers, including some major mistakes people make when it comes to packing their suitcase.

CiCi — who has been working as a flight attendant for four years — told Insider that she's "loved" every minute of her job and has learned a few things about flying over the years.

The biggest mistake CiCi claimed passengers make is stuffing their carry-on luggage so full that they can't even lift it up to put it into the overhead bins.

She also stated that passengers need to stop bringing more than two bags on the plane and if you're only flying with a carry-on bag, wear your heavy items — such as jackets — instead of packing it and taking up space.

Omar Prestwich via Unsplash
Omar Prestwich via Unsplash

CiCi also urged passengers to pack their essentials where they are easily accessible to avoid delays. Passengers who have to get in their suitcase and "sift through their belongings during boarding can block other passengers from their seats and cause delays," CiCi explained.

"People put things that they need on the plane — like their book and their earbuds or whatever they're going to need — inside their suitcase," she told the outlet. "And it's not easy to access."

She also stated that people don't pack their liquids correctly. Changing altitudes on a plane causes gasses to expand during flight, which can in turn cause toiletries or water bottles to leak inside the bags.

"People's stuff leaks all over the place," she continued, adding a genius tip to avoid a messy disaster: Squeeze as much air out of the bottle as possible to prevent expansion and, if possible, pack a reusable water bottle in order to stay hydrated.

She also added that during a longer flight passengers, often become hungry, so don't forget to pick up some snacks before boarding.

CiCi also shares her traveling tips via TikTok to her over 28,000 followers.

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