AG Ferguson goes after oppoenents (Getty)
AG Ferguson goes after oppoenents (Getty)








A group that sought to challenge the Governor's election in WA state in 2020 is being hit with sanctions, or a fine, of $28K by WA State Attorney General Bob Ferguson.

Ferguson also going after lead attorney in this case

 Back in October of 2020, the Washington Election Integrity Coalition United, or WEICU, filed 8 lawsuits against county auditors, claiming a variety of fraudulent events occurred concerning ballots and voter registrations. They included (from court filing information):

"Specifically, the plaintiffs allege their Auditors used uncertified voting systems to not only tabulate the votes, but also, while under oath, certified the results from those systems, one while under a cyber ransomware attack. These same machines were admittedly ‘internet capable’ according to Secretary of State Wyman and King County Auditor Julie Wise. These admissions created more questions than answers when WA state election data was found on the AZ audit hard drives." (WEICU) 

AG Ferguson said Wednesday his office successfully "sought sanctions" against WEICU:

 "The Washington Election Integrity Coalition United (WEICU) has been ordered to pay $9,588.80, and its attorney, Virginia Shogren, has been ordered to pay $18,795.90 as sanctions for bringing a case totally devoid of legal merit." (WA AG Office release)

In addition, Ferguson said he intends to pursue discipline against Shogren with the Washington State Bar Association soon.

WEICU counters their case was tossed without even considering merit

The WEICU noted the moves by Ferguson, saying online their case was dismissed by the State Supreme Court as "meritless" despite considerable evidence:

"The case was not (permitted) to be heard by the Supreme Court on grounds that it was frivolous even though WEiCU presented report summaries showing there were tens of thousands of non-citizens that were registered in multiple counties and actual (redacted) names of non-citizens whose voted ballots were accepted. " (WEICU)

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The State Superior Court granted Gov. Inslee and AG Ferguson's request for the sanctions, which basically means paying legal fees, the $28K, used to counter the WEICU suit.

There's a lot to wade through here, but this case is increasingly sounding like it's in the same wheelhouse as Dinesh D'Souza's movie "2,000 Mules" which tracks allegations of voter fraud throughout various cities in the 2020 elections.

The WEICU lawsuits were not a direct, related part of Loren Culp'\s own lawsuit over the governor's election results.


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