The chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party has resigned as the party faces charges of forged voter signatures on candidate petitions.

Democratic officials claim a change in leadership was needed, and had nothing to do with investigations into alledged forged signatures that got Presidential Candidate Obama on the ballot in 2008 in St. Joseph's County.   Dan Parker, former chairman of the party in the Hoosier state, did not mention the allegations as part of his resignation.  But his comes on the heels of another Democratic county official over the issue.  Here's more from Fox News:

The alleged forgeries have raised the question whether the Obama campaign actually filed the necessary number of signatures, 500 from the county, to get on the state's primary ballot. The 534 signatures that were certified to place Obama's name in contention, were never challenged. 704 signatures were certified for Clinton, according to state elections officials. An estimated 150 of the signatures on both petitions may be fakes, leaving open the possibility that, in at least President Obama's case, the number of legal signatures that were required to get on the ballot was not reached.

Several voters who's names appeared on the petitions said they definitely did NOT sign and the fact their names appeared was "scary."   Supporters of the Democratic Party and Parker claim this was an isolated incident, saying claims of state and even nationwide fraud are a slippery slope argument.  But critics say, especially with the recent and nationwide fraud antics of ACORN and other groups, how do voters NOT know if Obama, Clinton, or other candidates across the US got on the ballot in local, state and national elections because of fraudulent signatures?

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