Despite President Obama signing a bill in 2009 that forbid Federal funding from going to the controversial voter-fraud group ACORN,  the money is still being funneled--to offshoot groups with different names.

According to Judicial Watch, a non-partisan group who monitors government activity, ACORN (of Association Of Community Organizations For Reform Now) has simply reformed under several different names.  The group first came to light a few years ago when a number of ACORN members in ten different states were arrested and prosecuted for voter fraud (including the WA state governor's race between Rossi and Gregoire).  The group can best be described as a left leaning group of community organizers who usually wind up acting as foot soldiers for progressive or liberal political groups.   According to Judicial Watch, a grant for more than 79K was given from the Housing and Urban Development arm of the Obama administration to a group called Affordable Housing Centers of America.  After working through extensive and often confusing paperwork, Judicial Watch discovered they are indeed a part of ACORN.  Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, says since ACORN was the actual recipient of the money, this would violate the 2009 law that forbade any government or taxpayer money from going to ACORN or any subsidiary or group associated with them.  Judicial Watch believes the HUD employees (many of whom are Obama appointees) knew where the money was going.  Obama has employed and appointed a number of former members or "advisors" of ACORN to various positions in his administration.

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