In an announcement posted on YouTube, GOP Governor's candidate Loren Culp announced Friday afternoon his lawsuit over the 2020 election has been dropped.

According to the video, and comments to AM 770 KTTH Rado in Seattle, Culp's attorney Dr. Stephen Pidgeon believes the State Attorney General's office would try to string the lawsuit out for years. Then if it gets ruled on by a judge and Culp loses, the state would go after them for millions in legal fees.

The suit filed against Secretary of State Kim Wyman over fraud, alleged (among seveal claims) that motor voter fraud enabled many ineligible people to vote.

Culp's campaign manager Christopher Gergen said in a Dec. 1 video the suit was forthcoming very soon. He later said one of the big issues was the use of motor voter. In Washington state when you renew or get a license, you are automatically registered to vote if not already (provided you're over 18).

In a later video Gergen said "many" people who were not legal US residents were contacted and urged to vote; he also said a "lot" of them found later someone had voted 'for' them. There were also several other issues brought up.

The Culp campaign had filed the suit against Wyman demanding injunctive relief, and an audit of paper ballots, vote counting machines and results in King, Clark, Pierce, Thurston, Kitsap and Skagit Counties.

Pidgeon told KTTH the battle is being taken to "the court of public opinion." 

The video is below.

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