In his latest update video posted to the 'official' Culp for Governor Facebook page, Campaign Manager Christopher Gergen says a lawsuit over voting and the WA state election are coming "soon,"  sooner than most expect.

Monday Nov. 30, Gergen offered a few more details, but kept most of it under wraps saying he didn't want to tip their hand. But he did say the lawsuit is coming. He mentioned the campaign has been in contact with attorneys 'back east' (some of whom have worked with Trump campaign and are helping with the Federal election fraud effort).

Gergen said the IT manager for Culp's campaign was hit with a suspicious virus in the last day or so, and more "threatening" phone calls have come into himself and others who are pushing the lawsuit effort. He said the calls were "from out of state."

Gergen says you know you are "over the target" when the threats and intimidation efforts increase. He did slightly elaborate about what the campaign says is voter fraud being committed by way of the Motor Voter Act. In WA state, people who renew their license are automatically registered to vote if they're not already; AND that registration does not require a signature card--according to Gergen.

While he didn't elaborate any more specifics on the lawsuit, he did go into greater detail about how Inslee's emergency proclamations have been extended. He called it the "Four Corners," as they are known. While the legislature is not in session, such emergency orders have to be extended every 30 days, with approval from the Senate and House Majority and Minority Leaders in Olympia (4 of them). They sign off on "behalf" of the House and Senate.

Gergen says both the Senate and House Minority Leaders are Republicans, and could have refused to sign off on a number of Inslee's orders. Gergen in particular singled out House Minority Rep. J.T. Wilcox, and blistered him for "selling out" citizens and voters by not resisting.

Gergen says politics is about leverage, and the two GOP leaders could have stood up to Inslee, refused to extend his proclamations and emergency orders. That would have ulitmately led to the forcing, by law, of a special legislative session--requiring the entire House and Senate.

Gergen says that would have likely resulted in at least a few of the emergency orders-proclamations being ended or dropped. His premise was at least the GOP should have put up more of a fight.  He encouraged the several thousand live video viewers to pepper GOP legislators with phone calls and emails, demanding a special session or to refuse to sign off on the the next extension of Inslee's orders.

He promised another update within a week, and perhaps news of the official filing of the lawsuit challenging the Governor's election in WA state.

As he said in the video "have your popcorn ready."  His video from Monday 11-30 is below.

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