Frustration, anger, resentment, worry. Pick an emotion, and you see it being displayed by parents about area schools decisions to re open online.  A close examination and reading of these show they're involved and serious about their child's education. From Tri-Cities to Touchet, from Connell to Kahlotus, they're venting.

Some of the general  topics we're seeing brought up include:

  • Parents of honors, AP and even general class students seriously question how their child will be able to get timely and understandable help with issues that they normally would get right away in the classroom.
  • How will two job families make online education work? Will parents have to help the child 'cram' in six hours of schooling at night? Especially for Grad Schoolers.
  • Will the quality and challenge of the work be the SAME as in class? Most doubt it.
  • How will this affect kindergarten children?
  • Why should I (parents) have to pay taxes if the school is not fulfilling it's end of the 'contract' to provide in class education in schools built by taxpayer dollars?

Some of the comments we've copied from social media (names and personal data omitted for privacy) show the frustration from parents.  These comments represent some repeated themes we see being expressed by parents all over Mid Columbia:

“So why did all the districts waste our time asking for our input and opinion, when now they say the choice was not up to them? And if it wasnt up to them, why was there a vote?”

"So I know this is a very new decision and it’s developing, but what’s the plan for kids just starting kindergarten?"

"So how is this suppose to work when parents are working WHO is going to watch kids while we work if we have to quit our jobs we will be homeless & then diffently the kids won't be attending school"

"...My daughter is a 4.0 student but she learns best by hands on and being able to ask her teachers one on one to explain the assignments. She is going into the 11th grade and if her grades suffer because she can’t get the extra help she needs, trust me the school district will be hearing from me and I’m sure I won’t be the only parent."

"I wish they treated the trade school from KSD differently because those are hands on skills and should be face to face."

"I would highly recommend calling the Freedom Foundation in Olympia and ask them to file a class action lawsuit against the state: 360-956-3482"

"Secretary of health is in Inslee's back Pocket"

Other parents, especially two job families question the lack of class room structure their child has grown used to, and even likes. Besides being able to "set aside" school then come home, the social and emotional growth experienced by children from interacting with others and teachers will be missing.

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