We have, along with several other media outlets and parents, obtained portions of a survey sent out to Kennewick Education Association members (KEA), the teachers union for the Kennewick School District. (they are screen shots of the survey).

The survey asks union members a variety of questions about full time in class return for students.  Earlier this month, Gov. Inslee and WA state adopted the CDC 3 foot social distance guideline for schools; in the meantime numerous area districts have announced concrete plans and dates for students to resume full-time classes.

The survey asks if KEA teachers support the old six-foot rule or the newly adopted 3-foot rule.

KSD survey

Walla Walla announced, for example, on Wednesday, K-8 will be a full day, full week by mid or late April. However, parents and some teachers are upset the KEA appears to be dragging its feet.

KEA survey

These people believe the KEA should have met with the School Board prior to the upcoming spring break, and hammered out a plan. Currently, KSD is in A-B hybrid.

These images are from a Survey Monkey survey sent to union members.  Those pushing the KEA and District claim it appears the union might push back on full time in class, due to the nature of the questions being asked.

Many parents who are members of the BF Community Coalition for Full Time In-person Education on Facebook echo these claims. The BFGroup is a private education coalition with several thousand members, including parents and teachers from all area Mid Columbia Districts. They were largely responsible for the student-led protests and marches seen all over Richland, Pasco, and especially Kennewick last fall.

According to KEPR-TV this week, when asked about the survey, the KEA President declined to comment. It also appears no public stance has been issued by KEA concerning a timetable for a full-time return to class by students.

KEPR also reported because the previous survey was made 'available' (leaked) to the public and media, a new survey will only be sent to union members.

Sports have returned, somewhat, to area high schools...but not full-time class yet.


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