A couple from Egypt are in hot water after x-ray scanners showed their infant child packed inside their luggage!

The couple told officials they were trying to smuggle their 5 month old son into the United Arab Emirates after they had been originally denied entry because the child did not have a VISA. Airport security were 'stunned' when they saw the child in the bag, because airport x-ray machines are considered very hazardous to one's health. The strength and power of the x-ray units (designed to outline virtually every item in detail)  are far greater than the medical x-rays we may get a few times in our lives. Officials said it could have potentially killed the child.

Officials say charges will be brought against the unnamed parents for endangering their infant; what they don't yet know however, is how they were able to get through airport security to get on the plane in Egypt in the first place before the flight to the UAE.