Various police units from across the Tri-Cities -- including the SWAT team -- converged on a home in Pasco this morning and a suspect is in custody after he allegedly fired off rounds from a stolen rifle.

Police were called to North 11th Ave. and Astor Way around 4am Friday morning. Witnesses said they heard multiple shots being fired. Upon arrival officers saw 22-year-old Cristian A. Olivera standing in the home's doorway with an AR-15 slung across his chest. Outside the home police found at least 16 spent shell casings.

Officers demanded he drop the weapon and exit but he went back inside and refused. But when officers swarmed the area and SWAT showed up Olivera surrendered peacefully. Two other men in the home also came out peacefully. Police obtained a permission to enter from the absentee home owner.

Turns out the AR-15 had been "modified," but police didn't say how. The gun was also reported stolen from a home in December 2017. Olivera is now in the Franklin County Jail on charges of possession of a stolen firearm.


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