Sylvester-Road 60 guardrail does it's job (PPD)
Sylvester-Road 60 guardrail does it's job (PPD)

If you've lived in the Tri-Cities for any stretch, especially Pasco, you know about the Sylvester-Road 60 sharp turn.


Pasco PD refer to the highway-grade guardrail as "noble," it's the one that protects a home at the sharp corner of Sylvester and Road 60 in Pasco.

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In case you didn't know, just past Road 56, after that l-o-n-g stretch of Sylvester, it curves sharply and becomes Road 60. Lately, Pasco PD has received increasing numbers of complaints about drivers blasting between Road 32 and 56 at speeds well over the posted 35-40 MPH...some over 60 even 70.

We know it well lately, our daughter's softball coach lives out there, and we take that corner to get to the team's hitting garage. It's sharp!

Early Thursday morning, around 1 AM, a 28-year-old man driving a Dodge pickup became the latest to fail to negotiate the sharp corner, in his inebriated state (Pasco PD said he was intoxicated) he plowed into the guardrail.

While it was uprooted and shoved into the yard, the home was not hit, and the "noble" rail did its job.

The driver was taken to the Franklin County jail, his truck on the hook. Guardrail -1-, truck -0-.  Lay off the alcohol when you're behind the wheel! Fortunately, the driver was not hurt.


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