37 year old Dustin A. G. Altshuler, a teacher at Pasco High, is on leave after being arrested for allegedly groping a Kennewick taxi driver.

Altshuler called for a taxi at his home to go out to bars last Saturday night. The taxi driver picked him up and while they were driving he grabbed the back of her neck.

She immediately pulled over into a parking lot on the corner of 27th Avenue and Highway 395 to pry his hands off her. She managed to but in the process he groped her, according to reports.

The woman taxi driver sent a "help" message to her dispatch and the police were called.

When the police arrived, Altshuler and the taxi driver were still in the parking lot inside the car.

He was arrested and held on on suspicion of felony indecent liberties by using force by a Benton County District Court judge.

He was released on $15,000 bail and charges are pending.

Altshuler has taught computer-assisted drafting and robotics at Pasco High since 2016.

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