Friday dawned in the Emerald City, with no end in sight to what some say has become a nasty, vicious teachers strike.

Seattle Public Schools spokesperson Stacy Howard said Thursday both sides continue to meet with negotiators, but no new face-to-face talks have occurred the last few days.

Thousands of teachers continue to picket in groups across the city metro area, and the sticking points continue to be teacher evaluations and other issues.

53,000 students are affected by the first such strike in Seattle in 30 years. According to NW Cable News Network:

"According to the Washington Education Association, the union wants a two year contract that raises salaries 5 percent the first year and 5.5 percent the second. The district has pitched a three-year contract, with a 2 percent raise the first year, 3.2 percent the second year and 3.75 percent the third year. In addition, in the third year, the instructional day would be extended 20 minutes and teachers would receive a .25 percent salary increase.

These numbers do not include the state cost-of-living increase."

Seattle Public Schools have countered with a 14% pay increase offer that would take place over three years.  Union officials representing the teachers say Seattle is an expensive city to live in, and greater salaries are needed.