Pasco Teachers Union (PAE) President Scott Wilson released a statement regarding his comments last Tuesday at the PSD Board meeting; made during the public comment section.

Wilson accused parents who wanted their children to return to in person (hybrid) education were guilty of and utilizing "white privilege." This touched of a storm of comments from parents.

Some of Wilson's latest statement included this. It's phrased addressing the union:

"As your president I spoke from my heart about an issue that affects so many in our community. I did not expect eveyone to fully understand what the terms "white supremacy culture" or "white privilege" mean, however as an educator I knew it would present a teaching moment". (bold lettering added for emphasis).

He went on to say "In no way was I implying any specific individual was was a white supremacist, nor was I calling out any specific individual for acting from their white privilege." (he bolded those letters himself).

He went on to say "I was saying however, saying that our society has a cultural bias that without attention can lead to decisions that are damaging to our communities of color."

He went on to claim he, as a white person, has been guilty of white privilege and it's taken years go reconcile that.

His followup has created a new wave of controversy, because of his use of the 'teaching moment" reference. That implies that Wilson believes the parents of his District are ignorant or don't know they suffer from white privilege.  When coupled with his "society has cultural bias...' comment it certainly appears Wilson is looking 'down' at his constituents. That assessment has been reinforced by dozens of social media comments from parents who view his opinions as condescending.

You will also notice in his clarification letter, he says he did not and was not calling out any "specific" individuals. That is correct. He did NOT name names; however his comments were clearly aimed at the broad base of parents who are demanding return to in person or hybrid learning.

For those who are familiar with the national news stories about some politicians calling for "truth and reconciliation" programs, his "teaching moment" comment could take on a whole new meaning.

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