Pasco Police had to do a little firefighting while dealing with a strange, bizarre suspect early Sunday morning.

  The suspect was climbing a pole at Fairchild Cinemas

Just after midnight Monday morning, Pasco PD was dispatched to the theater parking lot on Convention Drive in west Pasco about a strange suspect.

PPD said the man tried to climb a light pole that he had previously been banging his head on, then threatened to break into cars in the lot. However, he fled the area just before officers arrived.

At that time, Officer Brown noticed flames rising from one of the garbage cans attached to the nearby Liberty Car Wash.  Pasco PD jokingly referred to Officer Brown as a heroic firefighter:

 "Officer Brown channeled his inner fire fighter, located a bucket outside of the car wash which he filled with water, and very heroically dumped it over the flames, extinguishing the fire and just for that moment, became one of America's heroes."

They said Pasco Fire showed up moments later, and was 'disappointed' their job was done.

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The suspect was able to elude Police but not without a solid description from witnesses, and area surveillance videos. He was located and arrested on an unrelated charge the next day, but will also be facing counts from this incident.

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