Drone helps apprehend suspects (PPD)
Drone helps apprehend suspects (PPD)

Pasco PD probably thinks the drone has already paid for itself.

   Police drone helps apprehend multiple suspects Wednesday night

Officers received a tip or information about a potentially stolen car at 905 West Court Street, and upon arrival found a second car that had been reported taken.


Pasco PD
Pasco PD

Witnesses told officers a woman was driving one of the stolen vehicles, had parked it, and gone into the house. After getting a probable cause warrant, the drone was also used to help search the home. The suspect, identified as Emily Sanchez, and two other wanted suspects were located inside and all were arrested.

   Then comes the domestic violence call

As the stolen vehicle investigation was moving along, a domestic violence call came in and it was only about a block away. Several officers responded to that call and learned a man had shown up at the original home with a sawed-off shotgun and was threatening to kill the victim.

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He was located a block away, inside a home. As officers surrounded the house, the aerial drone was deployed and spotted the male suspect (whose name has not been released) trying to flee out the back door and across the yard. He apparently ran right into some of the containment officers.

He was booked on a slew of charges as well as, according to Pasco Police, two Department of Corrections warrants as well.

Aerial drone 2, suspects -0-.

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