A 54-year-old woman is alive Friday because of the hard work and alert actions of Pasco police.

According to police reports and our news partner KNDU-TV, shortly after midnight Friday morning, the woman was seen trying to climb over the railing of the bridge, using a bucket.

She was apparently standing on the bucket to get enough height to climb over. Officer Matt Griffin was on patrol, saw her, and stopped.  He was able to pull her back over.  Another officer, Adam Brewster, assisted shortly afterward. He has special Crisis Intervention Training, and was able to convince the woman to cooperate with medics and not try again.  She was transported to Lourdes Medical Center for treatment.

Officials did not say if she sustained any injuries while attempting to climb over the railing. Given the depth and conditions of the water, and the woman's age, it's likely the fall into the water or currents would have probably taken her life.

Few people who have successfully jumped from the Blue or Cable Bridges have survived.

Officers Jasen McClintock and Chad Acock also assisted with helping the woman.

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