A dirty car isn't a crime, but why chance it? The Pasco Jr. Bulldogs Football program is in need of funds and it's Pasco Police to the rescue!

Officers will be teaming up with students for a fundraiser car wash this Sunday (5/16) from noon-4 p.m. in the parking lot of Subway at 22nd & Court St. Hey, how much will it cost to make your ride shine? The donation of your choice will do.

If you like your car clean all the time like I do, I have two words for you: California Duster. Years ago when these first came out, I thought it was just another piece of "As Seen On TV' garbage. But my wife ended up buying one and we use it all the time. The fibers on the duster are lightly waxed, so you can't use it on a hot surface, it leaves streaks. But when your car is shaded or garaged and covered in dust when you just washed it yesterday, take a minute with the California Duster and you're good to go. The dirtier your duster gets, the better it works (I know, weird). And don't you hate it when we get a light rain sprinkle and it leaves dusty droplet residue? The California Duster swipes them right off. I seriously spend only a couple of minutes with it and do the whole car.

So go let the cops make you shiny and know you know how to keep it that way!


Come support our youth by getting your car washed!

A few of our officers will be teaming up with the Pasco...

Posted by Pasco Police on Thursday, May 13, 2021



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