Pasco police have identified the man three officers shot Tuesday evening after he threw rocks at them and nearby vehicles as 35-year-old transient Antonio Zambrano-Montes. After video footage of the shooting spread on social media, several dozen protesters stood peacefully outside Pasco City Hall Wednesday.


The protesters displayed a large banner that read "Stop Police Brutality! It Was A Rock." On social media many residents are expressing suspicion whether lethal force was required after Zambrano-Montes repeatedly threw large rocks and police TASERs were ineffective.

Police and authorities continue to sift through evidence at the scene, and scour several YouTube videos posted online that show various parts of the incident.

A statement from police say the department was called shortly after 5 p.m. to Fiesta Foods near 10th Avenue and Lewis Street. Zambrano-Montes allegedly threw several rocks at vehicles, some the size of a soft ball. When police confronted him, he threw rocks at them as well. Two of the officers were struck by rocks. Zambrano-Montes ignored multiple commands from police and a TASER was used with no effect. Multiple shots were fired and Zambrano-Montes ran. When officers were close behind him he turned in a threatening manner and was lethally shot by three officers. Dozens of witness accounts are being examined for evidence.

The officers involved have been on the force nine, eight and two years respectively. One is a firearms instructor and field training officer. The officers are on administrative leave pending an investigation conducted by police experts outside of Pasco city.



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