We've all illegally dumped stuff down the storm drain, maybe a quart of oil, or antifreeze--maybe the contents of that old moldy cooler.  But this guy took it to a whole new level.

Kennewick business man John Liniger, owner of Sunshine Portable Toilets,  was fined $50,000 by the City Of Kennewick for illegally dumping 4,000 gallons of raw sewage down a manhole pipe in South Kennewick.   City officials noticed a problem with a plugged line on undeveloped Plaza Way near Southridge High School last October.   The 1,000 foot line is on the street where there are no homes or lights, making it the perfect place (almost) to dump sewage.   Liniger might have gotten away with the one dump, but decided to return to the scene. 

   A year ago, city officials had experienced a similar problem with another line, but had no further issues.  Then the issue popped up in October.   Officials installed motion sensor night cameras which captured  two dumpings Oct. 16th.  On October 22nd. Linegar was caught dumping sewage into the Plaza Way line by city officials and EPA officials who had been conducting a stake out.  He has been charged with several offenses related to illegal dumping, endangering public health, and one of the citations is for allowing raw sewage to run into the street.   His septic tank pumper license with Benton and Franklin Counties could be in jeopardy pending results of an EPA investigation.    The sewage being dumped was straight from trucks and had not been treated in any way.