They may be small, but two small pieces of the famous Japanese tsunami dock that washed up ashore near Newport OR have been sent to the Oregon Historical Society.When the violent tsunami tore apart the Japanese coast in March 2011,  it swept many interesting items out to sea, one of them being a 201-ton dock that drifted across the Pacific, then washed ashore weeks ago near Newport, Oregon.

Because of the danger from foreign plants and other growth attached to the structure, it was carefully cleaned before dismantling. However, at the request of the Oregon Historical Society, two large 20lb.-boat anchor hooks were donated to the Oregon Historical Society and went on display in its Portland museum.

While hundreds of pieces of broken wood, styrofoam, bottles and other items have washed up on the shores of WA, OR, and Alaska, only five can be conclusively proved to be debris directly related to the tsunami -- meaning Japanese authorities confirm they were swept out to sea.

The rest of the debris is believed to be from Japan, but is in such bad shape, or has little or no identifying marks. The dock was ripped from its moorings along the Northeast Coast of the country during the tsunami.   Due to the possible contamination of our Pacific Coast by foreign wildlife from the Japanese dock, the rest of it was carefully cut up and either recycled or destroyed.

Removing the Tsunami dock, June 2012

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