Every day, it seems, there are most pushbacks, disagreements from officials who have issues with Gov. Inslee's Phases program, to re open Washington state's economy.

The latest is from Pierce County Executive Bruce Dammeier. KING-5 TV in Seattle reports Dammeier is meeting with the Governor this week, over what he says are "unrealistic" benchmarks for entering Phase 2.

Dammeier specifically wants Governor Inslee to 'split' the categories of new COVID cases by listing which ones are the 'general public' and which ones are confined to nursing/assisted care centers; or perhaps even other isolated breakouts.

Pierce County has seen a significant drop in cases, yet is still too high for Inslee's move up. Dammeier told KING TV:

"The metrics that the Governor has laid out I believe are unrealistic when you consider some of the long-term care facility challenges."

Many other county officials echo the same concerns. Many counties are seeing more than enough drop in cases to move up, but when you factor in assisted care/nursing home numbers, they don't qualify. Due to these reasons, it's not likely Pierce County will move to Phase 2 June 1st, and county businesses are not happy.

This development is significant, because along with King and Snohomish, Pierce County is regarded as one of the areas that pretty much march in 'lock step' with everything Inslee does or wants.

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