Is this a 'one off' or perhaps a sign of things to come at other Districts?

AM 770 KTTH Radio's Jason Rantz reported Monday a Bethel School DIstrict Middle School has chosen to bump all students up one grade, in order to "pass" everyone.

Frontier Middle School is in the Bethel District, in Pierce County. It includes such schools as Spanaway, Graham-Kapowskin and Roy, WA.

Rantz learned the school chose to bump every student up one grade level performance wise, to ensure everyone passes. School officials said they changed the grades because too many were falling beind due to remote or distance learning.

An incomplete student would be given a "C", "B" grades raised to "A" and so forth. Rantz says it's being called the "School Wide Reset." He accurately points out this won't benefit students, they're not "finishing strong" as the school claims. Rather, they will go into next year missing a lot of key foundation blocks to help next year's classes make sense.

According to Rantz, the school principal said they had no comment, and he has been abruptly 'brushed off' when asking for futher information.

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